Cold Jet System

Cold Jet System

Our best-in-class Aero Series cleaning system fully automated with a Cold Jet dry ice production unit.

The fully automated P325 Pelletizer will produce on demand up to 300 lbs (136 kg) per hour of consistent, high density dry ice using Liquid CO2 and electric power. Dry Ice from the P325 is produced directly into a Cold Jet Aero Series unit; equipped with our patented SureFlow System designed to ensure worry free operation and uninterrupted pellet delivery.

This fully Integrated Cleaning System allows a robot or manual operator to clean without stopping, providing the most cost effective and best cleaning performance of any system available today!

Why Integrate?

  • Ability to integrate with robotic controls

  • Reduce consumable costs through just-in-time

  • manufacturing with no storage waste

  • Superior cleaning performance

  • Reduce labor and associated costs

System Features

  • Best-in-class Aero Series cleaning system

  • Up to 5 lbs (2.3 kg)/min dry ice feed rate

  • Operation at up to 300 psig (20.7 bar)

  • Blast hose(s) with aerodynamic fittings (up to 60 ft / 18 m)

  • Reduce Patented SureFlow Pellet Dosing System

  • Pelletizer with frame riser

  • Pellet sizing & interconnect assembly

  • Engineering service and installation support

  • Pellet Cutter System with dry ice flow divider for a safe start up and production. Allows additional dry ice production.

We can modify standard equipment or fully customize a system that automates directly into your production environment.

From spinning nozzles to custom radiation decontamination systems, Cold Jet’s Engineered Systems turn your complicated problems into solutions. We use our proprietary knowledge of dry ice to design innovative fixes; no other Dry Ice Cleaning and Manufacturing Systems’ provider offers a suite of customized engineering services like Cold Jet.

The spectrum of solutions offered provides you the choice of integrating our cleaning and production solutions with robotics, or using them manually.

With more worldwide system integration and automation experience than any other dry ice cleaning and surface preparation system manufacturer our experienced engineers tackle the toughest cleaning & decontamination challenges!

Cold Jet Integrated Systems are currently used extensively by: